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meganleewelch's Journal

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abstract art, accents, almost famous, alphabetizing, alphonse mucha, amélie, andy warhol, architecture, arrested development, art, art deco, art nouveau, audrey tautou, baking, baz luhrmann, beauty, ben folds, bohemians, books, caffeine, cameron crowe, cemetaries, charm bracelets, chivalry, chocolat, chocolate, christianity, cobalt blue, coffee, coldplay, collages, conan o'brien, cooking, coral bay, creativity, culture, dale chihuly, dictionaries, distorted lullabies, doodling, eccentricities, eclecticism, edward hopper, elliott smith, empire records, ephemera, etsy, eugene delacroix, family, fight club, flight of the conchords, french, frou frou, funny people, garden state, geeks, georges seurat, gilmore girls, giovanni paolo panini, green tea, greys anatomy, gustav klimt, gwen stefani, hair dye, harry potter, incubus, indian food, indie films, interesting quotes, jan van eyck, jars of clay, jason mraz, jean-auguste-dominique ingres, jeff buckley, jesus, jimi hendrix, jimmy gnecco, johnny depp, journals, laughing, leonardo da vinci, leonetto cappiello, lola rennt, lots of food, mc escher, mixed media, modest mouse, moulin rouge, movies, multiple chemical sensitivities, muse, music, nature, nerds, nick drake, norah jones, notebooks, office space, old books, old photos, orlando, ours, painting, photography, pop art, pretty things, psapp, radiohead, reading, red, red lipstick, relevant magazine, robots, rooney, roy lichtenstein, rufus wainwright, run lola run, snatch, snorkeling, st. john, tegan and sara, thai food, the daily show, the shins, the strokes, thrift stores, tofu, travel, trees, usvi, veganism, vegetarianism, vincent van gogh, vintage art, vintage clothes, vintage jewelry, virgin islands, watercoloring, wes anderson, winter park, yayoi kusama, zero 7

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